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Welcome to the UCD Computer Science Support Centre (CSSC)

The centre will remain open until May 17th for the '23/'24 academic year!

The centre is currently operating on a drop-in basis. Please check the module familiarity information below, and bring your laptop/query materials to an appropriate tutor slot!

What We Do

Free tutoring for COMP modules

What We Don't Do

Give solutions to practicals/assignments

CSSC Location: B1.03, 1st Floor CS Main Building
Opening Times: See below timetable

Link to the queue: click here



(CSSC Coordinator)



If you drop into the support centre, you will be asked to fill in a row in our queue, this helps us track numbers and highlight student requirements.


Tips for Getting the Most from the Support Centre


  • engage fully with lectures and labs and carry out autonomous work before visiting

  • visit the Centre for help after an absence (e.g. due to illness, bereavement etc)

  • wait for your turn quietly to allow the tutors to work with the other students

  • follow the instructions of the tutors (e.g. come back in 30 minutes if it's too busy)

  • prepare a succinct description of the problem and attempts you have made to address it

  • expect tutors to explain concepts in general, rather than using the specifics of an assignment


  • attend the Support Centre during labs or lectures of modules you are taking

  • ask or expect tutors to give solutions to assignments

  • expect tutors to work with you for more than 20-30 minutes

  • stay in the Centre after a tutor has worked with you (unless asked by a tutor to do so)

  • enter the Support Centre without a tutor present

  • wait in the corridor in a manner that blocks passers by or make noise at a level that disrupts the teaching inside

Note: priority is given to students enrolled in COMP modules (i.e. modules conducted by the school of computer science). Students enrolled in these modules may be students in the school of computer science or from other schools within the university. Students from the university seeking help with non-COMP modules may be seen also, but we cannot guarantee this during busy periods.


The CSSC first opened its doors on the 22nd September 2008. The CSSC aims to:

  • provide additional academic support to that provided by the primary resources which are lecturers, teaching assistants (TA's) and demonstrators
  • provide tuition on a drop-in basis. This means students may personally call in to the Centre during the opening hours that are posted on the website
  • help students to understand course material that they are still struggling with after utilizing the primary resources provided (I.e., lecturers, TA's, demonstrators)
  • enable students to successfully complete coursework independently
  • show students how to solve a problem by breaking it down into smaller, more manageable parts
  • teach students how to debug there programs properly.

This is a FREE SERVICE, offered to UCD students taking computer science modules. The Centre operates as a drop-in service, so if you have any computer science related difficulty, feel free to drop in.

If you have any further queries then please contact us as cssc@ucd.ie


CSSC Tutors Autumn 2023 (Spring Tutors will be updated week of 29/01)

















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Patrick Cormac



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CSSC Tutors Timetable - 2023/24 - Semester 2


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10am - 11am Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed
11am - 12pm Closed Closed Closed Closed Yunan, Oshana
12pm - 1pm Usama, Thulitha Johanna, Di Zhongyi, Thulitha Thulitha, Yunan Yunan, Oshana
1pm - 2pm Usama, Di Johanna, Di Zhongyi, Jack Thulitha, Joana Hrishi, Oshana
2pm - 3pm Usama, Joana Oshana, Jack Yunan, Jack Kalyani, Joana Hrishi, Oshana
3pm - 4pm Usama, Thulitha Oshana, Jack Yunan, Johanna Kalyani, Johanna Hrishi, Di
4pm - 5pm Closed Closed Closed Kalyani. Johanna Closed
5pm - 6pm Closed Closed​ Closed Kalyani, Johanna Closed



Tutor Module Familiarity 

CS Spring Modules  
Module Code Module Title Kalyani Yogeswaranathan Usama Ikhlaq Yunan Li Johanna Didion Hrishikesh Dilip Mulay Di Meng Oshana Iddi Dissanayake Thulitha Theekshana. Jack Geraghty Joana Tirana Zhongyi Lu
COMP10020 Introduction to Programming II Basic     Basic Basic Proficent   Basic Expert Expert Basic
COMP10050 Software Engineering Project 1 Basic       Proficient     Basic Expert Proficient Basic
COMP10060 Computer Sci for Engineers I Proficient             Basic Expert Expert Basic
COMP10120 Computer Programming II       Basic   Basic     Expert Expert Proficient
COMP10310 Web Design                      
COMP20050 Software Engineering Project 2         Basic       Proficient Proficient Basic
COMP20090 Intro. to Cognitive Science           Proficent     Proficient    
COMP20170 Introduction to Robotics         Basic       Basic    
COMP20180 Intro to Operating Systems Basic               Basic Proficient  
COMP20200 UNIX Programming                 Proficient Expert  
COMP20230 Data Struc & Algorithms (Conv)       Basic Basic Basic     Proficient Expert Basic
COMP20280 Data Structures Basic     Basic Basic Basic     Proficient Expert Basic
COMP20290 Algorithms Basic     Basic Basic       Expert(TA) Proficient Basic
COMP20330 Functional Programming II           Basic     Basic    
COMP30110 Spatial Information Systems                 Proficient    
COMP30170 Computer Science Project                   Basic Basic
COMP30220 Distributed Systems Proficient               Proficient Expert Basic
COMP30540 Game Development                      
COMP30650 Networks & Internet Sys (Conv)                 Basic Proficient  
COMP30660 Computer Arch & Org (Conv)               Expert   Basic  
COMP30750 Information Visualisation -DS         Proficient            
COMP30770 Programming for Big Data         Proficient            
COMP30780 Data Science in Practice         Proficient Basic          
COMP30820 Java Programming (Conv) Proficient     Proficient Proficient Basic     Expert Proficient Proficient
COMP30830 Software Engineering (Conv)       Proficient         Expert Proficient Proficient
COMP30840 Enviro-Tech Boot Camp                      
COMP30850 Network Analysis                      
COMP30860 Web Development Basic     Proficient              
COMP30870 Graph Algorithms                 Basic    
COMP30880 Software Engineering Project 3                 Expert Proficient  
COMP30910 FYP: Design and Implementation                 Expert Proficient Basic
COMP30930 Optimisation                      
COMP40010 Performance of Comp Systems                 Expert    
COMP40020 Human Language Technologies                      
COMP40040 Agent-Oriented Software Basic                    
COMP40080 Knowledge-based Techniques for                      
COMP40120 Programming for Investigators                      
COMP40260 Connectionism           Basic          
COMP40280 Embod & Enactv Appr to Cog Sci                      
COMP40400 Bioinformatics           Proficent          
COMP40660 Advances Wireless Networking               Expert      
COMP40725 Intro to RD & SQLProgrammiing         Proficient           Proficient
COMP41580 VoIP & Wireless Investigations                      
COMP41590 Advanced Computer Forensics                      
COMP41680 Data Science in Python         Proficient Basic   Expert Expert    
Human Computer Interaction
Advanced Information Security
COMP47350 Data Analytics (Conv)         Proficient Basic         Basic
Advanced Malware Analysis
COMP47470 Big Data Programming                      
Contemporary Software Dev
Adv. Data Structures in Java
COMP47510 Financial Investigation                      
COMP47580 Rec Sys & CI                     Basic
Advanced Machine Learning
        Basic Basic   Expert      
OSINT Collection & Analysis
Online Child Abuse Invest.
COMP47650 Deep Learning         Proficient Proficent     Expert Expert  
Data Science in Python (MD)
        Proficient Basic   Expert     Basic
COMP47700 Speech and Audio                 Expert    
COMP47790 Optimisation                      
COMP47800 Leadership in Security                      
COMP47810 Malware Analysis                      
Cybersec. Professional Project
Cybersecurity Research Project
Trends in Cybersecurity
COMP47860 Ethical Hacking                      
Quantum Machine Learning
Information Visualisation BD
Generative AI: Language Models
Machine Learning w Python (OL)
        Proficient     Expert      
COMP50070 ML CRT Placement                      
Intro to PM and Leadership
Community Volunteering & Lead


Tutor Programming Language Familiarity



Kalyani Yogeswaranathan Usama Ikhlaq Yunan Li Johanna Didion Hrishikesh Dilip Mulay Di Meng Oshana Dissanayake Thulitha Theekshana. Jack Geraghty Joana Tirana Zhongyi Lu
Bash                   Basic  
C Proficient     Basic Basic Basic Basic Basic   Expert Proficient
Python Basic     Basic Proficient Proficient Proficient Proficient   Expert Proficient
Java Proficient     Proficient Proficient Basic Basic Basic   Proficient Proficient
C++               Basic   Expert Basic
HTML Expert     Proficient Proficient Basic Proficient Basic     Basic
CSS Expert     Proficient Proficient Basic Proficient Basic     Basic
PHP Basic     Basic              
Javascript Proficient     Proficient Proficient            
Latex Proficient     Basic Proficient Basic Basic Basic   Proficient Proficient
Android       Basic              
SQL Basic     Basic Proficient Basic   Basic   Basic Proficient
Windows Proficient     Basic Basic   Basic Proficient     Basic
Mac       Basic   Proficent Proficent     Proficient Proficient
Linux Distro Basic       Basic' Proficent Basic Basic   Proficient  
Hosted (Azure/AWS)                    


Want to work in the CSSC?

The CSSC is always on the lookout for knowledgeable and passionate PhD students interested in tutoring in the support centre. If you're interested, send an email to cssc@ucd.ie.