Health and Safety

Key Contacts 


All Computer Science staff, students, and visitors must make themselves familiar with the contents of the School Safety Statement. This document when read in conjunction with the UCD University Parent Safety Statement and any relevant risk assessments as listed within the School Safety Statement indicate how the health and safety of staff, students and visitors to the designated area/facility will be managed.

Any person who has a difficulty with the contents of the School's Safety Statement or a risk assessment should contact the University SIRC Office.

University SIRC Manager Dr. Peter Coulahan (716) 8768 / 8771
Fire Alarm Maintenance  Contact UCD SIRC Office (716) 8768 / 8771
Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Contact UCD SIRC Office (716) 8768 / 8771
Student Health Centre   (716) 3133
UCD Chaplaincy   (716) 8372
UCD 24 HR Emergency Line   (716) 7999
Campus Duty Manager    (716) 7666
Campus Services   (716) 7000


Emergency First Aid treatment and equipment is available from the local Services Desks and via the 24 hour Emergency line 716 7999