Research Integrity

Research Integrity

Research integrity relates to the performance of research to the highest standards of professionalism and rigour, and to the accuracy and integrity of the research record in publications and elsewhere.

Types of Research Misconduct


Research Integrity in UCD

University College Dublin is committed to the promotion of an environment which maintains the highest standards of integrity in relation to its educational mission and research activity. It is university policy that all those engaged with research in UCD, including all researchers, students, technical, administrative and research support staff:

  • maintain the highest standards of rigour and integrity in all aspects of research.

  • ensure that research is conducted according to appropriate ethical, legal and professional obligations and standards.



Research Integrity Training

These Research Integrity training courses provide you with an opportunity to better understand your obligations and responsibilities as researchers, identify the challenges you could face in meeting those responsibilities and practical advice on how to deal with complex situations in which you may find yourself.

The main national funders have indicated that completion of research integrity training will soon become an eligibility condition to hold an award and when applying for funding. Furthermore, Research Integrity training is a compulsory element of all Research Degree programmes (PhD and MRes) for students admitted after 31 August 2019.



1. Introductory course (~5h: Aimed at postgraduate and early career researchers

2. Concise course (~1 hour): Aimed at experienced researchers usually at the associate professor or professor level

If you would like to undertake the online Research Integrity training course, please email your request including your full name to


Research Integrity Module

Online module (12-week module) with 5 ECTS credits.

Computer Science PhD Students can access the online training via the Research Integrity Training pages on the Graduate Studies website.



Research Integrity Website

UCD has put together a website ( which gathers relevant Research Integrity resources:

  • Policies & Procedures

  • Training Material/Information

  • FAQ

  • Contact Details



School of Computer Science Research Integrity Champion


Dr Shen Wang 
Lecturer/Assistant Professor
01 716 2479
A107, School of Computer Science, UCD Belfield, Dublin 4

The main responsibilities of the CS Research Integrity Champion is to:

  • Promote responsible conduct of research in the School.

  • Advise on the appropriateness of Research Integrity supports and training provided by UCD.

  • Act as a point of local contact in the school with respect to Research Integrity.

If you have any question, issue, or suggestion related to Research Integrity in the School of Computer Science, you can contact the CS Research Integrity Champion.


College of Science Research Integrity Representative

Dr Rainer Melzer
Lecturer/Assistant Professor
01 716 2290
School of Biology and Environmental Science, Science Centre – West, UCD Belfield, Dublin 4

The main responsibilities of the College of Science Research Integrity Representative is to sit in the Responsible Conduct of Research Committee (RCRC).


UCD Research Integrity Officer

Prof. Grace Mulcahy
Full Professor Of Vet Micro Parasitology 
01 716 6180
School of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Science Centre, UCD Belfield, Dublin 4

The main responsibilities of UCD Research Integrity Officer (ROI) are to receive any allegations of research misconduct, initiate and oversee any investigations into same and to promote a culture of Responsible Conduct of Research in UCD.